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Aquí cambiamos el mundo

Busca fomentar una ciudadanía responsable entre sus alumnos a través del ejercicio de actos concretos y cotidianos considerando los distintos momentos del desarrollo evolutivo.

Enhancing visual learning and creating cultural awareness are two of the main objectives of Art Wednesday. Every month an artist is carefully selected, providing exposure to a variety of techniques and artistic movements. Moreover, connections to their cultural and historical backgrounds are established. The space provides the kids with information, activities and fun games aimed at developing critical thinking skills.


Empieza el día jugando da a las familias el sustento teórico y la experiencia práctica para introducir más situaciones lúdicas con sentido y propósito, en su interacción cotidiana con los niños. El objetivo es brindar a las familias la posibilidad de divertirse a través de la corta experiencia de un juego sencillo en el que pueden participar de manera voluntaria.


“Art is not what you see, but what you make other see”

Edgar Degas


Painting is one of the most natural things in children. It gives them the opportunity to manipulate different materials and objects in order to create different textures or techniques. This allows them to discover patterns, shapes, sizes and even hues of colors, which sparks their imaginations. The finished product reflects more than just a combination of strokes; it represents the endless possibilities of each child’s creativity. Every year, our mini artists demonstrate a wide range of styles and movements.


Frequent exposition to music accelerates the development of memory, literacy and math skills. The rhythm of music is formed by a series of intervals that immediately improve linguistic development, including second-language acquisition. “Concert Fridays” presents every week a different musician who performs live during twenty minutes. This provides the perfect space for the kids to get acquainted with a variety of musical instruments, genres and styles.

Es un proyecto de motivación al aprendizaje autónomo.

A través de un banco de preguntas adecuadas a la edad, se propone a los niños la investigación de temas diversos: ciencia, arte, geografía, etc.

The exposure to music from foreign countries provides the opportunity for students to identify the differences and similarities between diverse cultures.  They learn about the location, national flag, language, traditions and lifestyles from countries around the world, creating in children empathy and respect towards others.  Moreover, it helps to form the future global citizens society needs.

Every story presents a child with endless possibilities for their imaginations. When kids read they are travelling into different places, into different lives. This “magic” found in books is actually developing their language skills and their ability to concentrate and listen. Our “Reading Spots” were created to provide the kids with an enchanted corner for their different journeys.